Erste Bank Austria goes New World of Work

By 2016 Erste Bank will consolidate its current headquarters offices into one central campus. The Erste Bank Campus will be located close to the new central railway station in Vienna and in front of Belvedere castle. Not enough: Erste Bank will use this unique opportunity strategically to embrace the New World of Work and to become a Next Generation Bank. The key question is: How to get there? How to accomplish the New World of Work transformation?

Here comes the cooperation between Michael Weiss, Director Sparkassenakademie and IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems into play. Within this summer term the Consulting III Master classes (full time and part time students) were turned into a New World of Work Think Tank. In very concrete terms: Within a case study framework the classes were assigned to an Erste Bank consulting mission. Objective is: Propose a New World of Work transformation approach to Erste Bank. This means: Develop a transformation project design for the time frame and a New World of Work toolbox to be applied at Erste Bank. The best proposal will have the chance to get into real use at Erste Bank and to influence Erste Bank’s project design.

Throughout the project the students will be coached by leading consulting companies (in the order of coaching sessions):

  • HMP Consulting, represented by Thomas Schmutzer and Hellmuth Leinfellner
  • Change Management Guru Manfred della Schiava of mds wissensberatung
  • Great Place to Work Austria, represented by Michael Häuslschmid
  • Capgemini, represented by Wolfgang Barvir, is requested and willing to support as well

Since IMC University of Applied Sciences is running a New World of Work research area, know how how from ongoing industry research projects is transfered into this endeavour. For example Andreas Schachenhuber (IMC Master student) shares the New World of Works approach and toolbox developed for Würth Austria.

The New World of Work Think Tank will deliver its proposals and recommendations to Erste Bank by end of April. For further information on the New World of Work research area please contact:

Further information:

Author: Michael Bartz, Prof. Export Management IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems