Dobelli goes English

die-kunst-des-klaren-denkensYesterday night Rolf Dobelli and I were mailing. And great news came up: His fantastic books on the art of thinking will be published in English soon. Simply awesome. –Soon means May 2013.

Why am I so enthusiastic: Rolf Dobelli published two books in German language on the art of thinking clearly. The original titles are “Die Kunst des klaren Denkens” and “Die Kunst des klugen Handelns” (…the arte of acting smart). It could have been one book. Since it was decided to devide the material into two books, the second title had to differ. It does not really matter.

What the books are about is a huge exercise of dismantling fallacies…errors in thinking. Typical pitfalls which stand broadly in our way since our mind works as it works. Nevertheless, becoming concsious about these pitfalls pushed quality of decision making  to a next level.

What happened to me: I am reading the books again and again. And now, I am really enthusiastic that I will be share the first one of these books soon with my students.

I already preordered the English language version on Amazon: The Art of Thinking Clearly

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Michael Bartz, Prof. International Business and Export Management, IMC UAS Krems