Capgemini Consulting at IMC

Capgemini is certainly the leading Consulting firm with European roots. Headquartered in Paris, meanwhile over 120.000 people work at Capgemini across the globe.

Wilhelm Sterl is the Human Resources Manager of Capgemini Austria. On 28 November Wilhelm Sterl gave a speech in the International Consulting lecture at the International Business and Export Management Master’s programme. His speech covered the following topics:

  • Capgemini’s organisation world wide
  • Capgemini’s special Collaborative Business Experience consulting approach
  • USPs of Capgemini and competition

Wilhelm Sterl’s contribution was the final and top highlight of the Consulting education programme in the first semester. Two more semesters of Consulting training are to follow.

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Dobelli goes English

die-kunst-des-klaren-denkensYesterday night Rolf Dobelli and I were mailing. And great news came up: His fantastic books on the art of thinking will be published in English soon. Simply awesome. –Soon means May 2013.

Why am I so enthusiastic: Rolf Dobelli published two books in German language on the art of thinking clearly. The original titles are “Die Kunst des klaren Denkens” and “Die Kunst des klugen Handelns” (…the arte of acting smart). It could have been one book. Since it was decided to devide the material into two books, the second title had to differ. It does not really matter.

What the books are about is a huge exercise of dismantling fallacies…errors in thinking. Typical pitfalls which stand broadly in our way since our mind works as it works. Nevertheless, becoming concsious about these pitfalls pushed quality of decision making  to a next level.

What happened to me: I am reading the books again and again. And now, I am really enthusiastic that I will be share the first one of these books soon with my students.

I already preordered the English language version on Amazon: The Art of Thinking Clearly

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Michael Bartz, Prof. International Business and Export Management, IMC UAS Krems

T-Mobile Goes Sustainability with Export Master Cohort

Students of the 1st semester Export-oriented Management Master’s program developed a sustainability strategy in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers for T-Mobile Austria.

In order to come to the findings, the project included an online survey about “Importance of Sustainability in the Telecommunications Industry”, a benchmark analysis as well as onsite expert-workshops at the T-Mobile Center in Vienna which highly contributed to the outcome. The project started in October and was realized between October 2011 and January 2012 as part of two lectures, namely “Strategic Management and Planning” and “Corporate Governance”.

The final presentation was held in front of representatives of T-Mobile’s top management as well as the responsible lecturers Mag. Philipp Gaggl, PwC, and Mag. Gerhard Kormann, IMC FH-Krems, on January 23rd.

The research showed that sustainability is of high importance for the telecommunication sector and can act as differentiation factor for T-Mobile helping them to position themselves better on the market.

Based on the findings of the online survey and the expert-workshops we introduced the triple bottom line, a framework which concentrates on the three main criteria of sustainability, namely economic, environmental and social. Taking care of these issues actively sharpens the profile of the company and opens up new target groups of customers. Three different scenarios were analyzed in order to find out how T-Mobile’s strategy will be influenced by such inputs. The conclusion was that it would be best for the company to engage further in the field of sustainability.

“Working together with T-Mobile is a one-of-a-kind chance to test our theoretical knowledge outside in the business world.” – International Student, EXP 1st Semester Master

Sustainability is an uprising topic which will affect all of us in the future. By dealing with real-life problems we learned a lot about how to approach such issues. The learning outcome of this project is highly valuable for all students and was a good chance to deal with trendsetting solutions.



Great Place to Work coaches Consulting Master Class

Michael Häuslschmid of Great Place to Work Austria provided coaching to the Consulting III Master Class on March 21. Main topics:

  • Survey methodologies – pitfalls and best practices
  • Change Management

For 3 hours Michael Häuslschmid was working with the Master students and was helping to drive forward the New World of Work Consulting project with Erste Bank.

Author: Michael Bartz, Prof. Export Management IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

Erste Bank Austria goes New World of Work

By 2016 Erste Bank will consolidate its current headquarters offices into one central campus. The Erste Bank Campus will be located close to the new central railway station in Vienna and in front of Belvedere castle. Not enough: Erste Bank will use this unique opportunity strategically to embrace the New World of Work and to become a Next Generation Bank. The key question is: How to get there? How to accomplish the New World of Work transformation?

Here comes the cooperation between Michael Weiss, Director Sparkassenakademie and IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems into play. Within this summer term the Consulting III Master classes (full time and part time students) were turned into a New World of Work Think Tank. In very concrete terms: Within a case study framework the classes were assigned to an Erste Bank consulting mission. Objective is: Propose a New World of Work transformation approach to Erste Bank. This means: Develop a transformation project design for the time frame and a New World of Work toolbox to be applied at Erste Bank. The best proposal will have the chance to get into real use at Erste Bank and to influence Erste Bank’s project design.

Throughout the project the students will be coached by leading consulting companies (in the order of coaching sessions):

  • HMP Consulting, represented by Thomas Schmutzer and Hellmuth Leinfellner
  • Change Management Guru Manfred della Schiava of mds wissensberatung
  • Great Place to Work Austria, represented by Michael Häuslschmid
  • Capgemini, represented by Wolfgang Barvir, is requested and willing to support as well

Since IMC University of Applied Sciences is running a New World of Work research area, know how how from ongoing industry research projects is transfered into this endeavour. For example Andreas Schachenhuber (IMC Master student) shares the New World of Works approach and toolbox developed for Würth Austria.

The New World of Work Think Tank will deliver its proposals and recommendations to Erste Bank by end of April. For further information on the New World of Work research area please contact:

Further information:

Author: Michael Bartz, Prof. Export Management IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems