Capgemini Consulting at IMC

Capgemini is certainly the leading Consulting firm with European roots. Headquartered in Paris, meanwhile over 120.000 people work at Capgemini across the globe.

Wilhelm Sterl is the Human Resources Manager of Capgemini Austria. On 28 November Wilhelm Sterl gave a speech in the International Consulting lecture at the International Business and Export Management Master’s programme. His speech covered the following topics:

  • Capgemini’s organisation world wide
  • Capgemini’s special Collaborative Business Experience consulting approach
  • USPs of Capgemini and competition

Wilhelm Sterl’s contribution was the final and top highlight of the Consulting education programme in the first semester. Two more semesters of Consulting training are to follow.

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Dobelli goes English

die-kunst-des-klaren-denkensYesterday night Rolf Dobelli and I were mailing. And great news came up: His fantastic books on the art of thinking will be published in English soon. Simply awesome. –Soon means May 2013.

Why am I so enthusiastic: Rolf Dobelli published two books in German language on the art of thinking clearly. The original titles are “Die Kunst des klaren Denkens” and “Die Kunst des klugen Handelns” (…the arte of acting smart). It could have been one book. Since it was decided to devide the material into two books, the second title had to differ. It does not really matter.

What the books are about is a huge exercise of dismantling fallacies…errors in thinking. Typical pitfalls which stand broadly in our way since our mind works as it works. Nevertheless, becoming concsious about these pitfalls pushed quality of decision making  to a next level.

What happened to me: I am reading the books again and again. And now, I am really enthusiastic that I will be share the first one of these books soon with my students.

I already preordered the English language version on Amazon: The Art of Thinking Clearly

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Michael Bartz, Prof. International Business and Export Management, IMC UAS Krems

Microsoft General Manager Austria meets Alumni

September 20, 2012, receiption at Microsoft Vienna. Reason: Vienna based IMC Alumnis meeting in privacy Georg Obermeier. – Georg Obermeier is the General Manager of Microsoft Austria. Meeting in privacy means that the number of participants was limited to 30 participant. The reason being to allow in depth exchange of thoughts and experiences with a leading manager of the Austrian economy. And indeed, Georg Obermeier shared his experiences becoming the General Manager of Microsoft in an unplugged/authentic way. The end result was real quality time for all involved: the IMC Alumnis, Georg Obermeier, Microsoft managers and employees present as well as for IMC representatives attending, as to especially mention Ulrike Prommer and Karl Ennsfellner.

Big but not unexpected surprise of that meeting: The Microsoft office is as unusual and innovative as the Austria press reports. Whoever wants to experience the Microsoft office as well, book an office tour here:

6.000 people already did since the opening of this new office in October 2011.

A next CEO Alumni event in Vienna is in preparation. Stay tuned or contact me, if you want to find out more:
Michael Bartz, Prof. International Business and Export Management, IMC UAS Krems